The board of directors

Our Board of Directors, composed of nine volunteers from diverse and complementary backgrounds, and elected at general meetings, oversees the sound governance and strategic directions of Compagnons de Montréal.

Youri Giguère
Youri GiguèrePresident
Supports great people, a great team and a great cause.
Pierre Girard
Pierre GirardVice-President
Believe in the potential and dynamism of its users.
Élise Tousignant
Élise TousignantSecretary
Contributes to a more inclusive and richer world.
Josée Léger
Josée LégerTreasurer
Passionate about numbers and NPOs.
Claude Champagne
Claude ChampagneAdministrator
Apply to prove that any person can be of service to society.
Mathieu Lapointe
Mathieu LapointeAdministrator
Involve and support those who can make a difference.
Catherine Lachance
Catherine LachanceAdministrator
Companions' values of inclusion match my own.
Claudine Boulanger
Claudine BoulangerAdministrator
Nous méritons tous d’avoir une chance égale
Gérald Larose
Gérald LaroseObserver
This organization has the potential to grow further.
Louis Lelièvre
Louis LelièvreMember of the Committee of Elders
Pour préserver l’ADN de Compagnons

The management committee and administration

The Management Committee, formed in 2015, encourages a managerial approach that, as much as possible, is both horizontal and participatory. It is composed of coordinators, managers and team leaders from the various departments.

The Committee’s role is to implement the strategic directions reflected in the action plans by promoting inter-service communication fluidity and program transversality.

Chentale de Montigny
Chentale de MontignyGeneral Manager
Céline Lobet
Céline LobetDirector of Operations
Laëtitia Lecerf
Laëtitia LecerfSocio-professional Training Service Coordinator
Anne Girard
Anne GirardCoordinator, Accommodation and Leisure Services
Dorian Keller
Dorian KellerCommunication Manager
Marine Charbonneaud
Marine CharbonneaudDéveloppement et gérance - Boutique L’Annexe
Kelly Hernandez
Kelly HernandezChargée de projet, Racines
Patricia Burelle
Patricia BurelleFood Service Manager
Claudia Zaffuto
Claudia ZaffutoIntervenante ressource - Centre d’activités de jour
Julien Comtois
Julien ComtoisIntervenant ressource, résidence 2e étage
Marie Vanbutsels
Marie VanbutselsIntervenante ressource, résidence 4e étage
Maxence Bacq
Maxence BacqAccounting technician
Sophie Gauthier
Sophie GauthierAdministrative Officer
Ameyo Assem
Ameyo AssemAgente à la comptabilité